North Georgia Farmers Market - November 4

Weather Update

Weather forecast looks fair at this time. We are planning on being at North Georgia Farmer's Market Saturday - November 4. From 9:00 AM until noon.

NOTE: We will be in two locations today. Until noon here at the North Georgia Farmers Market. After this market closes you will find us at the Original Blue Ridge Flea Market


We will have our Luffa Sponges, Luffa Soap and Luffa Scrubbers available.

New Soap! Autumn Magic and Apple Cinnamon. Both are Olive Oil based soaps

Now Available; Gift Boxes for those who want to give Luffa Soaps for gifts. Decorative boxes for one or two soaps - $1.00. For three or four soaps $2.00


Saturday November 4 from 9:00 AM until noon


North Georgia Farmer's Market


Click Here for directions

What To Look For:

Craneberry Popup Craneberry Soap

Craneberry Sponges